Coalition Praises Reps. Griffith and Craig for Introduction of Bipartisan Cannabidiol (CBD) Legislation

Bill Would Create FDA Dietary Supplement Pathway for CBD Products

WASHINGTON – The Coalition for Access Now – the leading advocate for ensuring access to quality and consistent Cannabidiol (CBD) products for mothers, caregivers, veterans, athletes, and more who rely on CBD – praises the bipartisan leadership of Representatives Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Angie Craig (D-MN) for their introduction of long-overdue legislation to authorize the FDA to regulate hemp-derived products as dietary supplements.

“The CBD industry was born from the urgency and necessity of families trying to save the lives of our children, and it has grown into something that is mainstream for 45 million American consumers who deserve the confidence that the CBD products they are using are what they believe them to be,” said Coalition Executive Director Paige Figi. “We thank Representatives Griffith and Craig for stepping up for our families and millions of other Americans.”

The Griffith/Craig legislation would provide FDA the authority it needs to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. This legislation, which has been needlessly caught up in the larger – and unrelated – discussion about cannabis, has broad bipartisan support, and is non-controversial.

This bipartisan legislation would complete the final mile of a journey that began a decade ago as families fought for access to CBD to save our children. Not only did we fight for access in states across America, but we also demanded the highest quality CBD. Ultimately Congress overwhelmingly approved access to CBD in all 50 states through the 2018 Farm bill, and, since that time, CBD products have been available to every American.

About the Coalition for Access Now

In 2014, Paige founded the Coalition for Access Now, a 501(c)4, to help other families in similar circumstances provide relief to their children. The work of Paige and the mothers in the Coalition for Access Now led to passage of Cannabidiol (CBD) access laws in all 50 states.

The Coalition convenes medical providers, veterans, athletes, and businesses to drive public awareness and achievable solutions for ensuring access to quality and consistent CBD products. To learn more: