Statement on FDA Announcement Regarding Regulation of Hemp-Derived CBD Products


January 27, 2023


Statement on FDA Announcement Regarding Regulation of Hemp-Derived CBD Products

WASHINGTON – In response to the recent announcement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluding that existing FDA regulatory frameworks for supplements are not appropriate for Cannabidiol (CBD) and the agency’s intention to work with Congress on a new pathway for CBD, Paige Figi, Executive Director Coalition for Access Now (CAN), issued the following statement:

“Yesterday the FDA made clear that it is ready to move forward on the regulation of hemp-derived CBD products and intends to work with Congress to do so; and, while we agree and support the need for congressional action, we fundamentally disagree with the FDA’s intention to develop a complex, burdensome and expensive new regime for CBD product regulation.

“A pathway already exists. Dietary supplement regulation provides consumers with the assurance that through independent testing and accurate labeling the products they consume are safe.

“The standard for quality and safety for CBD products is already established, and has been validated by professional sports leagues, veterans groups, and others who demand the very best for their wellness. Since 2018, all 50 states have approved CBD for retail sale. As a result, tens of millions of seniors, veterans, athletes, and hard-working Americans support and rely on the life-changing results that quality products offer.

“Congress must pass legislation providing for FDA dietary supplement regulation that prevents the FDA from overriding state authority, and provides American consumers with what they want and need – the assurance that CBD producers meet dietary supplements safety standards.”

About the Coalition for Access Now:

The Coalition for Access Now (CAN) was founded in 2014 by Paige Figi to help families gain accessto cannabidiol (CBD) oil for its anti-seizure properties in an effort to provide relief for their children andother loved ones. The work of Paige and other mothers led to passage of CBD access laws in all 50states. The Coalition convenes medical providers, veterans, athletes, and businesses to drive publicawareness and achievable solutions for ensuring access to quality and consistent Cannabidiol (CBD)products. To learn more -